FR Cormyr - The Tearing of the Weave

The Temple of Mystra

A group of adventurers found itself in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr, looking for work and adventure. The group was made of Savin, a human fighter, Maesyn an half moon elf bard, Marlae a cleric of Lathander, Zarien a overweight wizard and Aust a mysterious wood elf.

They met with Tunaster Dranik, a cleric of Mystra at the Wyvern Watch Inn, an establishment operated by two sisters, Asanta and Baerill.

Tunaster was looking for someone to take a closer look at the newly erected temple of Mystra in the outskirt of Wheloon. He was not aware that such temple had been build and when he went to investigate, he was chased by arrows. He hired the group for a sum of 2,000 gold pieces.

The group visited the temple and was welcomed by Shan Thar, a priest of Mystra. He is helped by a devout sorcerer called Kevrin. The cleric invited the group to attend the nigthly ceremony as no one could find a sign of wrong doing.

On the second evening, Shan Thar invited 3 group members, Savin Zarien and Aust to attend a special ceremony called Mystra’s Sacred Trust.

They accepted and entered the middle temple. They met another priest of Mystra called Fembrys who welcome them to the ceremony. They basically had to stay in the Petitioners quarters and attend Mystra ceremonies for 3 days while having little food and water.

In the mean time, Maesyn and Marlae did their own investigation. They met a woman named Mela Basult, wife of Amnic Basult, a Wheloon bookseller who had shown interest in the temple of Mystra and had disappeared.

On the third day, the group of three is finally ready for gaining Mystra’s Sacred Trust. They go inside the inner Temple in front of Fembrys and he pulls out a black orb and activates it. The orb is a mind control tool and Savin falls under the influence. Aust and Zarien are able to resist. Maesyn and Marlae, who were in contact with the group thanks to Meesyn bard magic, realize that something is wrong and enter the temple.

A fight had broken between Fembrys, some strange guards called Shadow Guards, regular guards, Shan Thar and a controlled Savin against Zarien, Aust when Marlae and Maesyn enter the temple. The bard and the cleric of Lathander try a peaceful approach that Fembrys refuse. This stops some guards and Kevrin from entering the fray.

When Fembrys animate a dead shadow guard into a zombie (which is promptly destroyed by Marlae), the regular guards and Kevrin switch side. This results in the death of Shan Thar and the capture of Fembrys.

During the fight, a mysterious elf called Ryxikor and a dwarf ranger named Mordiun join the action. The dwarf is looking for his sister who has disappeared and was last seen going to the temple and likely through the Mystra Sacred Trust ceremony.

Ryxikor divulges his mission which is to bring back Aust to his hidden wood elf village where he is wanted for rape. He puts a magical ring on Aust’s finger who is teleported back. Ryxikor, always looking for a way to earn a gold piece decides to stay with the group.

While Savin buries Shan Thar with the help of Kevrin and Marlae and Maesyn try to interogate Fembrys, Mordiun forges ahead and enters the dungeon of the temple. He is followed by Ryxikor and later Savin.

Inside the dungeon, the dwarf faces two Shadow Guards and a dark earth type creatures. Despite his and his teammates best efforts, the creature kills Mordiun.

The heroes returned upstairs wondering what to do. After a long deliberation about what to do, Maesyn and Marlae decided to join Ryxikor and Savin to retrieve Mordiun’s body. In the mean time, Ryxikor did his usually loot collecting, piling up the equipment from the enemies they defeated. Zarien was left in charge of guarding Fembrys.

Ryxikor went back downstairs to do some recognition and notices that the Mystra statue was glowing very lightly.

The heroes went back downstairs and noticed that the statue was gone. They engage the shadow guards and the earth creature. To their surprise, Mordiun got up, looking as healthy as ever and joined the fight. Mystra had talked to him while he was on his way to the plane of his ancestors and made a deal with him ’If he would become a worshiper of Mystra, she would resuscitate him. Evil was being done under the pretext of her name and the entire realms was in peril. The Lady of Mysteries needed a hero.

The heroes defeat their enemies this time and after the battle, a woman appears on top of the stairs. She is a priestess of Mystra and was sent here by Tunaster. Her name is Axara and she informs them that she found a sleeping drunk and a gutted body. Marlae went upstairs and realized that Zarien had cut Fembrys wide open and disappeared. She decided to go after the fat and smelly wizard to bring him to justice.

The heroes, now joined by Axara, decided to continue down the dungeon to see if they could find signs of Mordiun’s sister. They found more signs that the temple might not be really about Mystra (basic books and pamphlet on Mystra, a high priestess living in the dungeon, Mystran priests without holy symbol of Mystra). They also found a room that contained heads which had been stuffed and mounted as trophies. That was Fembrys personal quarters. They look to see if any of the head belonged to Amric but did not reach any conclusions. Mordiun and Savin decided to bring in Fembrys body back into this room.

Savin explains the ritual of Mystra Sacred Trust to Axara and the Mystran confirms that it is not a ritual of the Church of Mystra.

The group goes through a couple of hallway and they ends up in one with a giant permanent image representing the holy symbol of Shar. They are attacked by two more shadow guards and then joined by 3 displacers serpents. Things get worse for the group when a woman cleric wearing full plate enters the fray. Defeating Lady Arthas and her pets will not be easy.

The combat is a real nail-biting situation. The serpents using their displacer skills are very hard to hit. Lady Arthas is a phenomenal opponent, surviving multiple coup de grace attempts. The momentum goes back and forth. Will the champions of Mystra prevails or will Lady Arthas, who admitted being a cleric of Shar will succeed in her evil deeds? A key moment was when Lady Arthas tried to give advantage to herself, her minions and her pets by throwing a tea cup with the darkness spell on it. However, Maesyn, in a brilliant move, took away that advantage by using the mage hand spell to grab the cup and throw it in another room.

Lady Arthas started to take the upper hand using sounds burst and inflict wounds on the heroes. With half of the group stunned, Mordiun dying and all the heroes in single digit XP, Ryxikor took a final gamble and feinted the cleric of Shar. She exposed her throat which was enough for the crafty elf to kill her and feed his dagger Organripper, a former Drow priestess sacrificial dagger.

While going through Lady Arthas desk, Ryxikor found a strange unfinished letter addressed to Storweaver Bestra.

Axara healed the group and the heroes decided to go back to the Wyvern Watch Inn to rest. Axara noticed the little peach bleached on Mordiun’s beard and has nicknamed him ‘Peach’.

After a morning of shopping and during which Mordiun learned that his camel escaped the stables, the group returns to the temple. As they had closed the door, they found a group of people waiting to get in and heard a drunk Kevrin singing obscene songs. The heroes sent the gorpu of people back to Whelon and entered the temple.

Axara and Savin helped put Kevrin to sleep and the priestess of Mystra empty the drunk sorcerer bottles, to the despair of Ryxikor and Mordiun.

using the keys that the dwarf has taken from the dead enemies, the rogue opened the altar in the inner temple and retrieve the Starry Gnosis. After a discussion, the group agreed to leave there and bring it back to the high clerics of Mystra to research.

The group went down the temple dungeon and searched more room. They found a journal of a guard showing strong change of feeling and emotion about evil. In a separate room, they found tortured headless bodies, who were identified thanks to the Cormyr papers. The group decided not to try to match the headless bodies to the trophy head.

Maesyn established that the Symbol of Shar image hid the entrance to another room. That room held a failed shadow gates and the bones remains of a lot of victims who did not survive the walk across the failed gate.

The group leaves that room of death and follows a long corridor which ends in a stone dock with an underground river. A woman is prisoner in a cage guarded by two shadow guards. Mordiun rushes the guards but slipped on the slippery stone bridge and was caught by a tentacle monster in the water. A blue eye blonde hair spearman appeared, annoyed at the arrival of the heroes. The monster grabbed Mordiun with one of its tentacle and started to constrict him. Axara frees him using the magic of Mystra. An enlarged Savin brings him on the deck and a fight follows. While the rest of the group is focused on eliminating the aberration, Mordiun decides to take on the spearman one on one but sadly, he is no match for the experienced fighter who killed him with his club.

Axara puts a hold person spell on the blonde man and Maesyn convinced Savin and Axara not to kill him. Ryxikor approached the woman prisoner who introduced herself as Veera Wavecrest.

The rafter became the prisoner of the group. The group left the temple and buried Mordiun in a cairn. They were then arrested by the Purple Dragons.

After spending a night in jail, they had an audience with Lord Redbeard and Constal Tholl. Lord Redbeard ordered them to follow the map. A gnome named Quill joined them as the eyes and ears of Wheloon.



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