FR Cormyr - The Tearing of the Weave

The Vast Swamp

Following the crude map the group got from Mhair, the heroes decide to follow the path of the petitioners to find out when it leads them.

After a long walk they set up camp near the drop off points. In the middle of the night, a large, carnivorous ape attack them. The gambol scares Ryxikor, Maesyn and Savin away. Quill and Axara decide to leaving the camp, allowing the gambol to destroy Ryxikor tent and start eating provisions from Axara backpack. Maesyn decides to fascinate the ape to allow the other to gather some of their equipment. Once the group is somewhat equipped, they engage the Gambol. The group ends up beating the gambol.

The group travels the full day to get to the Unknown Shrine. There, they meet Coobert Draftworth and Norry Waywocket, two merchants camping at the shrine. They are using the Tomb of Chonis as a warehouse but it has been taken over by bandits. The group agrees to help the merchants.
When they arrive at the tomb, they see a small creature, a dark creeper standing guard. After some reconnaissance, Ryxikor attacks the guard with an arrow and the creeper gets refuge inside the tomb.
Quill puts a mirror image on the group and they enter the barrow. A pit is in the middle with a ope bridge as the only way to cross it.

As the image goes onto the bridge, arrows fly from the opposing wall where a horned face has been sculpted. The arrows ends up cutting the bridge rope on one side.

The group decides that it is not worth their fight and go tell the merchants that they will not help them recover their inventory. The two merchants leace, upset and disappointed by the group actions.

The group gets ready to leave and spend the night in the cold and the rain when Quill and Maesyn convince them to give it another shot. Maesyn uses his magic to communicate with them and they do not seem to want to parlay. During the discussion, Maesyn exposes the dark creepers as followers of Shar and the heroes, except Quill, decides to cross the pit. Ryxikor and Savin simply jump across, Maesyn turns himself into a winged looking angel and Axara cling the rope across. Aided by Quill’s weasel who had crossed earlier and provided a detailed map of the tomb, the warrior and the rogue easily dispatch the dark creepers. Maesyn proves again his ingenuity but taking away the shadow cloaking ability of the dark creepers through the use of a bolt infused with the Light spell. Savin and Ryxikor easily dispatch the 4 dark creepers.

The group moves to the back of the tomb where they find a fog covered room. Arrows start flying as the group takes cover except for Axara who enters the room. Quill’s weasel, Savin then Maesyn follow suit and dispatch a creature which looked like an enlarge dark creeper. They found an altar with a crudely painted symbol of Shar above it as well as a tied and bound woman with purple hair and turquoise eyes. The woman is called Rayen and is a dragon shaman.

After resting the group continues its trek. They arrive to the next point on the map which is the skull totem. There, they are ambushed by a group of lizardfolks from different tribes. After a successful negotiation, the group agrees to be accompanied to the lleader, Kessessek. He is a lizardfolk cleric who is the chieftain of the tribe. He updated the heroes on the situation indicating that something foul is happening here, more than just a fake temple. Suddenly, a flying beaked brin with tentacles and 7 shadowslain lizarfolks attack the group. THe group easliy dispatched the attackers but learned that the shadowslain were undead who could absorb arcane spell from wizards and convert it into healing.

After the victory, the group decides to leave immediately for the Lost Refuge that they reached around 9:00 PM.



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