Maesyn Silverhair

A male half moon elf Bard 4


Character Sheet

Level: 4

XP: 7,248

Next Level: 10,000

Init: +2

AC: 15 Flat Footed 13 Touch: 12

HP: 17

Melee: +6 MV Rapier 1d6
Range: NA


Maesyn Silverhair is a tall Half-Moon Elf with silvery hair and bright gray eyes. His complexion is light, with a hint of bluish-silver. His coloring makes him look older than his 24 years, but he retains a youthful exuberance and outlook on life.

“Oh,” Maesyn said absently, “I might know a thing or two about that.” He smiled at the Halfling. “I’ll be on stage at the Hoary Boar tonight; drop by and have a listen.”

The Halfling nodded in interest, expecting more, but Maesyn simply turned and walked off, whistling a bright tune. The question was, he asked himself as he headed toward the inn, why did the Halfling have such an interest in goings-on in Berdusk? He’d been there recently, of course, and had spoken just two days previous to a pair of adventurers who’d just come from that town themselves. He’d have to work out a suitable tale before his performance. And where better to do that than in the common room of the biggest inn in town?

He strolled in, already a familiar sight to the patrons after just a few days in town, and sat at the bar. He ordered a drink and a small midday meal as he eagerly soaked in the ambiance. He pulled out a small parchment, ink, and pen, and started composing. Not much happening in Berdusk, to be frank, but he could make it sound interesting all right. Occasionally, he’d overhear an intriguing tidbit about something else in the swirls of conversation around him – usually involving the loud and boisterous bartender – and he’d jot it down for future reference.

Currently the crowd was generally interested in stories from up North. For some reason, stories of high adventure on the wild frontier were quite popular. He hadn’t ever been far North, but he knew a wide selection of stories from people who had been – or claimed to have been. He could certainly work them into his performance.

“Ah,” came a voice from behind him. “I thought I’d find you here.”

Maesyn didn’t look up, but continued writing so as not to lose his train of thought. “Have a seat. I hope this isn’t for business.”

“It is, I’m afraid.”

“Look, I’m booked for tonight, and I need the money.” He finished writing and looked to his left, where a female Half-Elf was now perched on a stool.

“Then you can leave in the morning,” she smiled at him. “In fact, I’d like to attend your performance tonight.”

He smiled back. Always a pleasure, talking to her. Even if it was business. “Wonderful! And where will I be headed in the morning?”

“Corm Orp. I’ll fill you in later. Just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Well, I thank you. Buy you a drink?”

She slid easily off the stool. “Maybe later,” she said with an enigmatic expression as she exited the inn. “Ta for now.”

Maesyn sighed to himself as he returned to his parchment. Now he had to write something for her as well. He was going to be busy this afternoon.

But he loved every minute of it.

Maesyn Silverhair

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