Mordiun Goldminer - Deceased

A made dwarf Ranger 3 - Killed by Mhair


Character Sheet

Level: 3

XP: 4,610

Next Level: 6,000

Init: +2

AC: 17 Flat Footed 15 Touch: 12

HP: 29

Melee: 6 Dwarven Axe 1d103
Range: 5 Composite Long Bow (2) 1d8+2


Mordium Goldminer is the twin brother of Meradi Goldminer. Born and raised in the Rift. And earned his gold trapping aberrations in the underdark. When his twin sister suddenly moved to Cormyr he left his home looking for her since.

His bond with his sister led him to a temple of Mystra where he joined up with a band of adventures.

Upon it’s dead by a seemingly magical construct the goddess Mystra revealed to him that her temple is invested by false and misguided worshippers that corrupt the Weave. And with it endanger the whole realm.

Mordium was resurrected by the goddess Mystra honor bound he became one of her worshippers

Thanks to his resent adventure, death and resurrection. A Peach that has been stuck in his beard for a while. Has chanced into a bleached mark in his beard.

He died figthing Mhair, a blue eyes, blond hair river-rafter.

Mordiun Goldminer - Deceased

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