Quill Burrowden

A Male Gnome Illusionist


Character Sheet

Level: 4

XP: -

Next Level: -

Init: +1

AC: 13 Flat Footed 12 Touch: 12

HP: 18

Melee: 1 Quarterstaff 1d4 -2
Range: 4 light crossbow 1d4


Quill is a average sized gnome dressed in azure blue coloured scholar outfit. With long sleeves. on his pelt hangs a lime green light crossbow that looks like it has never been used. And on his side he caries 3 scroll cases.

his face is round with big blue eyes. On the tip of his pointy nose is a tiny square reading glasses. his hair is of a blueish color with his hair infront is held back, but the rest of his spiky hair rebelliously grows each way. on his shoulder sits a weasel with magical blue eyes and red brownish fur.

Character Flaws

Aqua-phobic: Quill never learned to swim and start to panic when he is in knee high water.

long-sightedness : Quill needs his glasses when writing and reading scrolls

Quill Burrowden

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