Ryxikor Ravensclaw

A male elf Rogue 2 / Fighter 2


Character Sheet

Level: 4

XP: 7,248

Next Level: 10,000

Init: +3

AC: 15 Flat Footed 13 Touch: 12

HP: 24

Melee: 7 Organripper 1d41
Range: +7 MV Short Bow 1d6


Fallen Comrades:
Stadvas, human warrior
Miriam, human, cleric of St Cuthbert

Departed Comrades:
Odlin, dwarven wizard
Augustine, elven ranger/rogue archer

Ian Turnbrand, Town Councilor and Innkeeper of the Coronet and Cabbage in Kingsholm

Mia Desarna, Captain of the guard in Kingsholm

Bruthwol Coalhauler, dwarven merchant in Pedestal in the Underdark

Es Sarch, hooded robed humanoid who presides at the Dripstone Inn on Street of Five Hanged, a Haven of peace in Pedestal

Sargus, a badass male varag, a nasty type of hobgoblin
Xeron, a Xuan-ti sorceror, a snake lover from the underdark
Lloth Priestess Elessarwa Nledoor, Matron of House Dusklorn in Pedestal
Hangarath, evil wizard

Ryxikor Ravensclaw

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