Savin Ro Tukal

A human male Barbarian 1/Fighter 1/Rangrr 2


Character Sheet

Level: 4

XP: 7,248

Next Level: 10,000

Init: +2

AC: 16 Flat Footed 14 Touch: 12

HP: 39

Melee: 8 Spike Chained 2d4 +5
Range: +7 Javelin 1d6


Savin was born into the Cheetah Clan on the Shaar plains. Raised by his father to be a fierce fighter and able tracker. Like other members of this clan, he learned the ways of moving at tremendous speeds but even in those ways he excelled beyond those of most of his peers.
While in his teens he was at a trading bazaar when a fight broke out between one of the caravan traders guards and a member of the Hyena Clan. Knowing the reputation of the Hyena Clan, he was surprised when the guard managed to trip the Hyena Clan member while keep other members at bay with a strange, chain weapon. The next year, the same guard appeared. Savin talked to him and the guard taught him the rudiments of this weapon every time he passed through.
While his life was nomadic, he always yearned to see more of the world than just the vast expanse of the Shaar. After a frank discussion with his father, he was given permission to go ahead and find his way in the world. Leaving home at 17,he has spent a good portion of the last 5 years traveling the Realms, seeking new experiences and meeting new acquaintances but never staying in one region for more than 3 seasons as the road was always beckoning to him. His current travels have brought him to Cormyr by way of the Lake of Steam, Calimshan, Tethyr , Amn, Vilhon Reach, the Dragon Coast, and into Cormyr. His intention is to travel to Anauroch, see the Great Glacier, and eventually make his way back to Shaar after seeing any new place that piques his interest.
While not particularly friendly or open, Savin is a fierce but uncouth warrior. Once you have gained his trust, you will always be able to count him as a friend. He respects strength, honesty and integrity, and good aleā€¦ but, not necessarily in that order.
Not tall, as most of his kindred, his wiry and compact frame belies a strength that has surprised more than one opponent.

Savin Ro Tukal

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